A ProAttach Kit makes it possible to attach a Warmoth Pro Construction Neck     
         to a 3-Bolt Micro-Tilt Strat or 3-Bolt Micro-Tilt Tele Deluxe body. The Kit           
     provides rock solid neck mounting and enhances tone, volume, sustain.      


Photo below shows a 3-Bolt neck pocket recess with no Micro-Tilt Disc. The
  slightly thinner surface mounted ProAttach Disc occupies the deeper recess.  


Unlike the narrow forward mounted screw locations on a Mico-Tilt Disc
the ProAttach Disc widens and aligns the screw locations and takes
 full advantage of  the 1/4" - 28TPI machine screw clamping ability.

  For the neck below machine screws and inserts replaced the upper wood screws.


Below is a vintage Fender 3-Bolt Body that was converted to 4 Bolt. A 4-Bolt neck 
 plate will not cover the original Micro-Tilt adjustment access or will the upper bores  
         align with a 4-Bolt plate. ProAttach could have saved the body and its depreciation.          


A ProAttach Kit And A Warmoth Pro/Modern Construction Neck...
There Is No Better Way To Supercharge A 3-Bolt Body.


  ProAttach Stratocasters   

 Canary and Banana Pudding...

Heavy Duty…

Winter Wonderland…

1975 Rowing a Boatneck…

Warner Hardtail…

Neck Pocket Glass Bedding...

Predrilled 4-bolt Warmoth Necks require installing dowels in upper mounting bores and drilling.   

 Does Not Include
Upper Neck Mounting Screws Or Neck Plate.

     Includes: Instructions, Disc, Screws, Dowels, Fender® Machine Screw, USPS Priority Shipping.  


      Installation requires skills and tools necessary for working on guitars and experience
       with 3-Bolt Strat, Tele Deluxe setup procedures and neck particulars.
   Kit also works on Warmoth Vintage-Modern Necks.

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